Raise the Bar the Lisette Way!

What is stable in the fashion world? Sometimes it seems as if all of the styles come and go. What looks amazing today, will soon be old news in the design industry.

While fashion might feel this way, feelings don’t always tell the truth. The core melody of style reverberates in our hearts no matter the year. Your fashion is integral to you as a person. People have often said “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” but that outside cover takes on the responsibility of your first impression of the book. Your wardrobe has the same function for you. It aids you as you meet new people, expand your horizons, and accomplish your dreams.

Top Montreal fashion designer Lisette L comes with endorsements from widely-appreciated celebrities such as Oprah Winfrey. It’s time to go from following the trends to establishing them yourself.

The perfect combination of beauty, professionalism, and style can look different for each individual. Whether you want the sophisticated air of a business professional or a casual outfit for a night on the town, Lisette L clothing has an option for you.

Lisette L Pants to Light Up Your Outfit

The base of the outfit is the pants. These must be elegant and fitting for a well-dressed individual. Here are a few of our favorites that really “Never Go Out of Style.”

“Slim Lisette L Pant 2505”

Looking for some classy business pants that are also quite comfortable? Our Ponte knit fabric is a special blend of Viscose, Nylon, and Elastane that is softly spun. These pants have been some of our best sellers for a long time.

These pants come in two different color options: black and charcoal. Our fabric is machine washable and has pockets as well. This product is comfortable and very breathable. These are the perfect stylish choice for a day at the office or for catching your next flight.

“Slim Lisette L Pant 805”

The magical Lycra styled pants are a must-have for any occasion. They go well with a white button-up for professional events and a white or grey sweater for casual get-togethers.

The fabric is a mixture of Rayon, Nylon, and Lycra. It is key to any complete wardrobe. The pants are medium weight and have a slimming effect to help you look your best. This is one of our original fabrics and they are a classic of our brand. These are machine washable, perfect for any kind of travel, and pocket-free. They come in five different colorways: black, white, navy, beige, and mushroom.

Even More Lisette L Clothing Options That Complete the Look

Sometimes pants just aren’t the right move, and something a bit different seems to be the better choice for the occasion. In that case, try out a few other options from Lisette L.

“Lisette L Skirt 2503”

This Hollywood style skirt is one of our favorites for professionals. It’s a medium weight so it won’t be too warm during the hot months. The Ponte-knit fabric is a blend of a few different elements such as Viscose, Nylon, and Elastane.

Having a big presentation at work? This skirt is the perfect upgrade over your classic professional pants. Do not fret the fit either; we design these just like we create our perfectly fitting pants.

 This blend is machine washable, and stretchy. The classic black colorway is the only one offered because we feel that it is conclusive and gets the job done in any outfit.

“Lisette L Jeans 159796”

Sulvia Denim is a specially blended fabric that makes these excellent jeans for the professional.

 Made out of Cotton, Polyester, and Elastane, this denim weave provides a good bit of structure and elegance, as well as the strength to survive years in the workforce. We recommend keeping this on hand at all times in a well-balanced wardrobe.

Other Options to Check Out

Here at Lisette L, we believe in the quality of our products for you, the wearer of them. We want you to look great and feel great, and our stylistic attire will help you with both.

 When Lisette started this company, her goal was and still is, that your pants, skirts, and jeans fit perfectly. That might sound difficult due to the beauty and difference of the human body, but we have created pieces of clothing that can fit a variety of different bodies. No matter what the color, style, fabric, or texture says about the pants, we want to make sure they fit perfectly, and we believe we have done that throughout our collection.

Feel free to browse around the site, and check out the other pieces of our collection.