Why Lisette L Pants is a Must Own Collection

As Bill Cunningham puts it, “fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life,” the director Lisette Montreal brand, Lisette Limoges, unveiled pants that armor you for your day to day activities.

Having spent the better part of her years in the fashion sales industry, Limoges not only understood the need for women to look great in what they wore but also to feel comfortable in their own skin.  That is why we at Shecloset believe that the Lisette L brand is a great collection that should be a closet staple for women of all ages and body sizes.

The best selling point for Lisette Pants is that they are pull-on designer pants, thus making them a market hit for women in Canada and around the world. Maybe you might be asking what all the fuss about the pull-on pants is? Well, here are some of the advantages that come with the pull-on design.

Advantages of Pull-on Pants

  • They are a lightweight design thus very comfortable for active people.
  • They are easy to put on and take off.
  • They have an elastic waistband that gives the illusion of having a tiny waistline.

Since the launch of Lisette in 2001, the brand has met the fashion need of  career women, stay at home mums, and even teenage girls. The ability of Lisette L brand to offer diversity makes it a must-have for every woman.

If all the advantages that come with the Lisette Pants, we have narrowed down to 5 reasons why you should own a couple of Lisette L Pants

6 Reasons why you should own Lisette L pants

1.   Well Crafted Fit

The Lisette Montreal pants are intentionally crafted to be a perfect fit for all women despite their body shapes and size.

The designers make sure that they use on-trend fabrics that stretch, allowing the pants to flow with the body as they conceal all the flaws.

We guarantee you that once you slide into a pair of Lisette pants, brace yourself for the magnificent transformation you will see. That stubborn muffin top that you so desperately wish would give in to your efforts will be no more. The rearview chunks of unwanted fat will be no more thanks to the well-crafted fit of the Lisette L brand.

2.   Flattering Fabric

The fabric used to make an outfit determines how comfortable and well-fitting the pants will be. The Lisette pants are designed with soft and stretchy fabric, elastane, and it moves with the body.

In addition to that, the fabric has sustainable Tencel fiber that breathes, thus giving you the comfort that you need as you go about your daily activities. Thanks to the breathable Tencel fiber, we assure you that Lisette pants are of premium quality.

3.   The tummy control waistband

It is the dream of every woman alive to have a small and snatched waistline that one can show off in the clothes that they wear.

However, even though all the effort you might put in to ensure that your tummy is almost non-existence, the process is one gruesome journey that needs a little bit of motivation. Therefore, before we get to the coveted flat belly, we suggest that you grab a pair of Lisette pants with an abdominal mesh panel that makes sure everything stays in place.

4.   Different styling

The Lisette line of fashion offers various pant styles ranging from full-length pants, ankle-length, capris, crops, and shorts. Depending on what you are dressing for, the Lisette L brand has a wide selection of pant lengths to choose from.

Just to give you a few tips on how to wear the different length of pants, if you are to wear the full-length pants with high heels, make sure that the pant hem is one inch above the floor when you’re standing straight. For the ankle-length pants, make sure that the hem of the pants hit your ankle, and if you wear them with high heels, ensure that the bridge of your foot is visible.

5.   Great for travel

Most people prefer to wear pants or shorts while traveling because it is easy to move around, and they offer the comfort of stretching your legs or elevate them in the event you get tired.

With that in mind, the Lisette L brand offers the comfort you need when you are on the go, as the pants are lightweight, easy to pack, and can be worn as casual outfits. In addition to that, the pants are wrinkle-free, therefore eliminating the need to carry a steamer or portable iron box.

6.   Easy to maintain

You might be skeptical about buying designer pants due to the high cost of maintenance. Worry, not Lisette Limoges made an effort to create a brand that would not only be affordable to women across all walks of life but also one that would be easy to maintain.

The best thing about the Lisette L Pants is that they are washable pants, and you do not have to take them to the cleaners. Just turn the pants inside out, toss them into your washing machine and later hang them to dry.

The Lisette L pants are simply a wash and wear outfit.

There are so many things about the Lisette L brand, but the comfort and style that comes with the Lisette Brand are unmatched.